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Return Policy

Replacement and return policy:

If not completely satisfied with your purchase,you can return the unused goods and replaced in 15 days or refund within 7 days of receipt of the goods, by the following conditions:

1.    Provide original packaging and tag or label on a product where the original state

2.    .We don't accept refund or replacement in the following cases:

2.-Used products beyond the purpose of the experiment.

2.-Products that are modified or changed or washed.

2.-Products used by wear or contact with the body or in the interests of public safety, in terms of avoiding infection and diseases.

-Defective products due to consumer or due to non-compliance with instructions for use.

-Manufactured products at the consumer's request or according to established specifications.

3.    The buyer shall bear freight returned products.

4.    The site bear the cost of returning the products in case of manufacturer defect or lack of conformity of the product to the specifications mentioned on the website.

5.    In case the buyer's desire to replace the product after receiving with another product with difference in value between product discards and alternative product. if the alternative product value higher than product discards, the buyer have to pay the  difference.and  if the value returned product higher than the value of the substitute product, recharge our mechanism for alternative product.and the buyer have to pay the shipment in both ways.


Steps to return products?

-When you want to return you fill Return Form here or communicate with us via e-mail to customer services with the necessary data.

-We will send the shipping company to receive from you the return  in a specific date by registered address.

-Attach a copy of the Bill of lading that you received with the discards you send, if the shipping cost you have to attach proof of payment of shipping charges with the policy.

-Send the Bill of lading number you receive from the shipping company to CS to follow its receipt of the shipment.

-When we receive the returned product and make sure the return conditions we will convert the amount of discards into your account within five working days.

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